Credit Default Swap (CDS)

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CDS (Credit Default Swap) adalah kontrak swap di mana pembeli melakukan pembayaran ke penjual, dan sebagai imbalannya menerima hak untuk memperoleh pembayaran bila kredit mengalami default atau kejadian lain yang tercantum dalam credit event, misalnya kebangkrutan atau restrukturisasi. Instrumen kredit yang dimaksud tidak perlu berhubungan dengan baik pembeli maupun penjual kontrak ini.

Ia adalah kontrak kredit derivative antara dua pihak di mana “pembeli” melakukan pembayaran periodic kepada “penjual” dengan imbalan hak pembayaran bila ada kejadian kredit atau default di pihak ketiga atau “entitas tertunjuk”

Dalam kejadian default di pihak entitas tertunjuk:

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Financial crisis of 2007–2008

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Krisis Finansial 2007-2008, disebut sebagai “the credit crunch” atau “krisis kredit” oleh media, mulai muncul di permukaan pada 9 Agustus 2007, ketika investor mulai kehilangan kepercayaan terhadap nilai sekuritisasi mortgage di Amerika Serikat yang berakibat pada krisis likuiditas yang berujung pada injeksi capital atas pasar financial oleh Federal Reserve dan European Central Bank. Indikator yang menggambarkan resiko kredit atas ekonomi secara umum, TED spread, melonjak tajam pada Agustus 2007. untuk selanjutnya tetap berubah-ubah secara liar, dan kemudian melonjak lebih tinggi lagi di September 2008.

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Hiro Onoda, a true Soldier

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This is a true story of a Japanese Soldier in WW II that stood loyally until 1974, 29 years after the end of WWII. He was ordered to remain at his position until further  orders, and he did exactly that.

This is his story:

Onoda was trained by the Nakano School, after which he was stationed on Lubang Island in the Philippines. He was there when it was reclaimed by the Allies in February 1945, towards the conclusion of World War II. Most of the Japanese troops were killed or captured by Allied forces. Onoda, and several other men, hid in the jungle.

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The Dream I had

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In it, I stood in a fort, whose occupants were soldiers of the Islamic Republic. Some of these soldiers were from Iran, others from Lebanon and other Islamic countries. The fort was being surrounded by a coalition Army consist of what appears to be of GI outfit in Northern European camouflage scheme, Commonwealth soldiers with uniform that of the Buckingham Palace Guard, and Bedouin Arabs.

The Islamic Republic troops had Black Flag, like Hezbollah’s and Sepah’s flag. The Bedouin Arabs wore female clothing (fully covered black chador), with banner written on it “La ilaha illallah” of blood ink. They had no weapons except they shout very loudly and did nothing except a hard distraction. They were also very aggressive, running amok whenever they attack. The British/Commonwealth army attacked through a human wave attack, just like what the armies of World War I did in early 20th century. The GI’s didn’t come near at all. They relied on their Arab allies and British friend, while intermittently provided “fire support” of fireworks or dud-missiles (although some of them did create damages eventually).

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The Upcoming Rebellion…

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The foiled invasion attempt, where 1 million-strong Western invasion army was decimated, was 3 years ago. The world witnesses with its own eyes how “justice” works. Al-Mahdi is no longer a symbol of hoped for humanity; he has become the real leader that saved humanity. Jesus AS has declared allegiance with the holy Imam, his church is now a part of the world “single religion”. The world is no longer separated by religions, but rather by two types of men: those who accept the One God under the World Government, and those who reject Divine Omnipresence mainly in North America, Western Europe and China.
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The Messiah according to Judaism (Book of Isaiah)

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  • The Sanhedrin will be re-established (Isaiah 1:26)
  • Once he is King, leaders of other nations will look to him for guidance (Isaiah 2:4)
  • The whole world will worship the One God of Israel (Isaiah 2:17)
  • He will be descended from King David (Isaiah 11:1) via King Solomon (1 Chron. 22:8–10)
  • The Moshiach will be a man of this world, an observant Jew with “fear of God” (Isaiah 11:2).
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Imam Mahdi dan Masalah Penantian

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by : Arif Mulyadi

KEPERCAYAAN pada konsep dan eksistensi Imam Mahdi agaknya sudah menjadi kepercayaan umum, baik di kalangan Islam maupun non-Islam, baik Ahlusunnah maupun Syi’ah. Hal ini dapat dibuktikan dari berbagai kajian ilmiah yang terbit di Tanah Air. Yang menjadi objek perselisihan di kalangan umat Islam adalah masalah penetapan identitas Imam Mahdi itu sendiri.

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