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The Ghadir Khum….

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The day is hot, extremely hot. Even for the inhabitants of Arabian Peninsula, the weather of that day is not common, hardly bearable.

As the Pilgrims return home from their Hajj-ritual in Mecca, suddenly the Holy Prophet orders the group to stop, in the middle of the heat.

“O Prophet….convey this message from thy Lord. If you do not, it would be as if you never deliver the whole Islam, fear not of the hypocrites. It is Allah that will protect you..” (Al-Qur’an)
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How common is Divine Guidance?

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Whenever we talk about Divine Guidance, the thing that crosses our mind usually some old tale about ancient prophet somewhere in the Mid-East, with people that have beard, riding camel, living in boxy-shape mud-houses because it never or rarely rain there. Or another thing that crosses our mind is some old, obsolete, unapplicable values in life.

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Poet Maning

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Dance among the stars, shine among the suns
Existence among entities, blast into the skies among the clouds
I am those who run with the Saints, prostate with the Angels
Lies helplessly like piles of dust blown by the wind

Drunken with wine, lost all awareness
Dancing  like a mad lover, with beers in Bavarian glasses
Who cares bout considerations, when there’s nothing left to thought
Sublime awareness, subconscious soul, deep in the rhythm of soul

This is a lover, levitated with separation, deprived of reunion
Like a dog to its master, sitting loyalty until the train arrives
Die in the cold snowy station is better loved
Than bitter abandonment of treason or neglected

Blame the world for separation,
Wait the morning star for reunion,
I am those who unwilling to live in lonesome
Like a champagne that lost its wine