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Yang dicintai namun tak pernah berjumpa

Yang dikenal namun tak pernah berpandangan

Yang diakrabi namun tak pernah bertemu

Inilah sang Kekasih hati yang jauh dalam kosmos, dekat dalam jiwa

Sungguh aku mencintaimu, dengan segala kekurangannya

Apakah yang bisa kubawa, padahal kefakiran menyelimuti diri?

Apakah yang bisa kubanggakan padamu, padahal kehinaan melingkupi diri?

Apakah yang bisa kujanjikan, padahal kedustaan mengikuti langkah diri?

Inilah kendali jiwaku,

jubah kesombonganku,

prestasi jerihku

Kuserahkan semuanya padamu.

Wahai ksatria kegaibanku…

Demokrasi yang paling ideal? Baca ini…

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Jual Tampang Bisa Jadi Presiden?
Arfi Bambani Amri – detikcom

Chicago – ‘Kesan pertama, begitu menggoda’. Slogan itu ternyata tidak hanya berlaku dalam dunia percintaan, tapi juga politik. Penelitian membuktikan, tampang menjadi faktor utama pemilih mencoblos dalam pemilu. Bahkan dengan tampang bisa-bisa jadi presiden.
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Divine Leadership, why we need it.

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The rationale behind the necessity of Divine Leadership is very simple. It comes from two prepositions:

1. People obtained knowledge from its perception, its logical faculty (‘aql), and from what it is told to them by their Creator. Divine leadership covers the third source of knowledge.

2. The complexity of humanity, from its biological bodies to its interaction within the context of civilization is extremely high, well beyond anybody’s ability to perceive and make correct decision out of its perception.

The first preposition is an issue of epistemology. It will be explained later in due time.

The second preposition is explained below:

Imagine an aircraft flying. Modern jetliner is composed of tenths of thousands of components, the simplest being the nuts and bolts, to the most complex a jet engine. It would also experience some of the most extreme condition, from the high temperature, high pressure with varied humidity of an airport, to the cold, low pressure, low humidity of an altitude of 10 km above sea level. Now consider how each and every component would react to a certain condition, and then react differently upon reaching a different altitude.

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