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Universal Government; The Rationale

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The way government rule follows the way people interact with each others.  The way people interact follows the form of its civilizations. As civilization progressed and changed, the way people interact would also changed, thus will follow the way government reigns. In the end, as global interaction established, the world will form a united government. It is the Universal Government.

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Why here, and to where?

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“Indeed it is written in the Book and in the Zabur, that Our Pious servants shall inherit this Earth”“Behold when the Angels asked God: My Lord, why do You create beings that will spill blood among them, but we are the one in constant praise on You? The Lord reply: I know what is unknown to you”

(Excerpts from the Holy Qur’an) 

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15th of Sya’ban, a year later

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O dearest that is never far but not in sight…

Shine of the sun shimmering behind thick cloud…

This earth has been pulled away from you, so long desolated,

Of dearest star, from which you see dwellers of this earth in drought

Mingle among us but unrecognized

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The Fate of the Sa’ud:An analysis on the fulfillment of the Prophecy

Posted in analysis on August 14, 2007 by damartriadi

From the infallible Imams:

“When the King of Hejaz named Abdullah is killed, there will be no more agreement among the Muslims, the “Fulan” Dynasty will fall, bitter and bloody fights will take place until the Day Al-Qa’im emerges (May God hasten the time)” 

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